Our Team:

Two Guys, No Truck LLC is solely a moving labor company; specializing in the proper loading and unloading help of all trucks, trailers, and portable storage containers throughout the state of Colorado. Please note, hence the name, that we do not provide, nor do we transport any rental trucks, trailers, etc. Our crews consist of very strong, customer-oriented, and tetris-savvy workers, whom all have several years of moving experience! At Two Guys, No Truck LLC, stacking is our forte! We are very proficient in loading your belongings tightly and securely, so that nothing will shift throughout your voyage! All of our jobs are performed on a flat-rate basis, which naturally allows our guys to maintain a steady work pace, rather than hourly-rated crews, where there is often no incentive to expedite your moving project.

overview: Loading & Unloading Help

Reliable. Honest. Dedicated.


Our crew members are all highly skilled, with a copious amount of moving experience under our belts. However, that's not what makes us stand out. We excel in what we do, because we truly care! Two Guys, No Truck LLC wants your moving experience to be as smooth, stress-free, and overall, as enjoyable as possible. We recognize the burden that is usually associated with moving, so we will continue to try and put a smile on that face of yours, or make your kids laugh, because this is your new beginning, and we want to start it off right!‚Äč