Two Guys, No Truck LLC: Released Valuation

 The moving labor provided by Two Guys, No Truck LLC is only one aspect of your self-move, and we will therefore strive to do everything in our power to make it as efficient as possible. However, you, as the customer, can help simplify the moving experience with a few considerations:

Provide the necessary equipment to safely complete your relocation. We do not provide any sheets, covers, moving blankets or furniture pads, because in most cases we would not be able to get them back upon the job’s completion. Blankets, or some sort of protection is always a good idea to have with you when performing a move. Covers are a great idea when protecting your couches and beds. These simple precautions tremendously decrease the chances of scratches and scuffs, along with other potential hazards involved with your move. Two Guys, No Truck LLC will be happy to use your provided protection to cover all appropriate items that we will be relocating.

Two Guys, No Truck LLC performs all jobs on a flat rate basis, naturally allowing us to work at a faster pace than hourly rated companies. Unlike a full-service moving company, we do not find it necessary to provide an on-location estimate because your quote is reflected by the load factor, rather than an itemized list. That being said, your rate is subject to change if there are any excessive delays, disallowing our crews to work steadily, or if your truck/storage size or any other information provided during the time that you received your quote becomes misleading or inaccurate. This is especially true if your items are not already packaged/ boxed, protected, and ready to load. Although we are very proficient with stacking and utilizing all void areas, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have rented a sufficient amount of loading space, in order for us to be able to safely and securely fit all of your possessions, without forcing the risk of damages.

The customer is never liable for any injury that may occur to our movers on the job, which results from inclement weather, or any other normal moving conditions. Two Guys, No Truck LLC cannot drive your rental truck/van, nor are we responsible for any damages that may occur to such equipment. Two Guys, No Truck LLC has the right to postpone or refuse performing a task if it is believed to be hazardous to the movers or the customer’s belongings.

It is the customers’ responsibility to protect all floors, walls, doors, and all other property associated with the moving locations. Two Guys, No Truck LLC will take every precaution necessary to avoid damaging any property; however, we are not responsible for these damages if they do happen to occur.

Two Guys, No Truck LLC provides all of our customers with a coverage called “Released Valuation.” This is the default coverage that you would receive from a full-service moving company. Released Valuation covers up to $0.60 per pound, per item, for damages that occur to your household goods, which are blatantly caused by our movers, while the item is in their possession and they are still at the job site. Since we are solely a moving labor company, we are not required, nor are we allowed to provide any supplemental insurance policies. Check with your renters/ homeowners insurance, along with the truck rental company, if you would like to consider any additional coverage.                                            

Since Two Guys, No Truck LLC does not pack, transport, nor do we unpack your items, we cannot oversee, nor can we maintain possession of these belongings throughout the entire duration of your move. There are many exclusions associated with “Released Valuation.” Our liability for damages is limited to our time on the scene. Once we depart from your location, we will no longer be liable for any damages or defects.

List of Exclusions:

We are not responsible for any items that were poorly packaged by the customer. The structure of boxes, bags, etc. are easily compromised by overbearing weight and/or insufficient packing.

We are not responsible for the loss of any items.

We are not responsible for any damages that occur once we leave any of the moving locations or throughout transit.

We are not responsible for any damages to items that are not in their appropriate packaging. (Example: Flat screen TVs in their original box, bed/box spring covers, couch covers, etc.)

Upon the customer’s request, we will attempt to move, but we are not responsible for any damages that may occur as the result of attempting to move items that should be relocated by a separate company whom specializes in moving these items. (E.g. Pianos, pool tables, gun safes, workout equipment)

We are not responsible for any damages that occur as a result of assembly/disassembly. We are also not responsible for the destruction of any unsteady furniture. These items are poorly constructed and have the tendency to crumble in the movers’ possession. (Example: IKEA bookshelves/Cabinets)

We are not responsible for the injury, or any damages that may occur if the customer, or another non-representative of Two Guys, No Truck LLC decided to assist with the move.

*To file a claim, you must first notify an on-scene crew member of the damages. Then, we ask that you take pictures of the evidence. Finally, you will call (303) 565-0972 to submit your claim.

*Please note, that you cannot withhold payment (full or partial) as collateral for your move if damages do occur.

*If you are awarded reimbursement for damages caused by our movers, you will receive payment, via check, within 2-6 weeks.

 *Depreciation, along with other factors (such as the total surface area involved in an incident), may reduce the amount of compensation paid out.